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Tactical Tech is an international NGO working at the point where advocacy meets technology. We use our technical expertise to increase the impact of campaigns in social justice and human rights. We believe that new technologies have significant potential to enhance the work of campaigners and advocates, giving them the tools to gather and analyse information and the means to turn that information into action. We work towards finding effective ways for marginalised communities and rights advocates to create and disseminate information; increasing the participation of marginalised communities in advocacy work on issues that affect their lives and increasing the accountability of institutions that directly impact the lives of marginalised communities.

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Internews Europe activities are based on the conviction that open media - vibrant, pluralistic, independent, and arising from within communities themselves - are the cornerstone of free and open societies

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FLOSS Manuals provides quality free manuals about how to use free software. Free software gives users the freedom to copy and redistribute the software. This can save schools, hospitals, emergency services, governments, businesses and individuals money. There is not a social service in a single country that could not benefit financially by using free software. In rich countries this means bottom line savings and improved services, in very poor countries this can also mean closing the digital divide and economic empowerment.


Message-in-a-box was written and produced by Tactical Tech with additional material and support from the writers and editors listed below.

Editing first edition: Libby Davy, nodestone

Editing second edition: Caroline Kraabel and Tactical Tech

Strategy chapter: Namita Singh, Video Volunteers and Tactical Tech

Print chapter: based on a guide written by Nilanjana Biswas with additional material by Amy Dalton.

Grassroots comics section: Based on the book "Grassroots Comics - a development communication tool" by Leif Packalen and Sharad Sharma, World Comics. Published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland, May 2007. Reproduced with the kind permission of the authors.

Quick guide to images: Frederick Noronha, fredericknoronha.wordpress.com

Audio Intro section: Jackie Davies, Communication for Development Consulting (jackiedavies2[at]yahoo.co.uk

Audio Distribution: Felipe Fonseca, efeefe

Record & edit a 2 minute interview: Adam Hyde and Adam Willets (Recording the interview and Exporting the File)

Plan your website: This material is based on the eAdvocacy Training materials produced by Aspiration in partnership with Radical Designs. They are used with their kind permission and have been added to and adapted for this book

Plan your blog section: Sokari Ekine, Black Looks

Blog anonymously: Ethan Zuckerman, Global Voices

E-mail marketing section: Tim Walker

Internet strategy section: Dan McQuillan, Internet Artizans

Video sections: Participatory Culture Foundation / Miro / Make / Internet TV / ifiwatch.tv / WITNESS / FLOSS Manuals / Social Media Centre / Bay Area Indymedia / Anna Helme / Engage Media / Andrew Lowenthal

Material on mobile phone video: Melissa Bliss

Mobile Section: Faith Boswell

Additional material for the print, images and internet sections: Libby Davy (nodestone), Caroline Kraabel & Tactical Tech

How-to-Manuals: FLOSS Manuals

Website layout: Adam Mercer


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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