Images are one of the most powerful ways to communicate. Photographs, illustrations, cartoons, graffiti art and comics – there are many ways to get your message across visually with speed and impact. This section will outline how to make the best use of images in your campaigning and advocacy work. The right image can persuade, intrigue, move, shock or disturb a broad and varied audience. With striking images you can inspire people into action, inform them, make them laugh or cry, make them stand up for what they believe in.

Capturing and editing images is becoming easier all the time, no matter what your budget is, thanks to mobile phones, digital cameras and the Internet. All you need is a plan and creativity.

When you are on a low budget or working with low literacy levels, effective images are essential.

In this section of Message in-a-box:

  • GIMP – powerful image processing software
  • Flickr – save and share digital photos