Compressing video with iSquint

Use iSquint to compress your video. If you are preparing a video to play it over the internet may need to make your video smaller, which is known as compressing and/or transcoding.

If you are using a Mac we recommend using a freeware tool called iSquint to compress it into a smaller size. We've chosen iSquint here as it is very easy to use for basic compression.

If you are an advanced user you might want to check out FFMpegX.

Download iSquint here.

Double click the .dmg you downloaded and drag the iSquint icon into the applications folder on your finder sidebar.

Open iSquint from your applications folder and then drag your media file into the middle of the app. If you would like a larger video frame select "Optimize for TV"; otherwise, leave it at "Optimize for iPod". The file size can be adjusted by moving the quality slider.

Always check "H.264 Encoding". If your video originally came from a camcorder (not a digital camera) click "Advanced" and check "Deinterlace".

That's it, now you just need to upload your video.