There is a common misconception that creating your website is most of the work, but maintaining and developing your website is a larger challenge in most cases. Content and graphics should change on a regular basis to sustain website traffic – stale websites are a liability for an organisation. This requires organisational commitment.

Best practice

In terms of staff:

  •  If possible, budget both time and money for ongoing maintenance.
  • Make sure a specific staff member has responsibility for website maintenance.
  •  If you are not able to have one person specifically responsible for the website, make sure the responsibility for updating different sorts of content is clearly divided between a few people.
  • Have organisational ‘check-ins’ on a regular basis about the direction and content of your site.

In terms of content:

  •  Ideally, you should have 'quick response' content ready or planned if you are launching a big campaign, so that you are prepared to make updates as events unfold even if you do not have time to write and prepare new content.
  • Make sure you remove out-of-date events or action alerts, especially if they are on the front page.
  • Think about simple devices that could keep content fresh on the webpage. Are there easy ways to keep a small part of the information on your website up to date and changing more frequently? Could you integrate a blog with updates from a range of people? What user-generated content could you include?