Recording the interview

Now that you have the mic plugged in you can begin the recording process. You will need to have Audacity (Read more) installed for this process. Once installed start the application and follow below:

Before making the recording it is important to preview the loudest section of the source audio so that you do not end up with a distorted recording.

First you need to switch the input meter on. This can be set in the main interface:

Simply click on the bars above the microphone symbol or click on the arrow next to the microphone symbol and select "Monitor input" like so:


Monitor input


Now ask your subject to talk loudly, while they do so look at the input level meter.


Input level


At their loudest the red bars should be at about -12. You can adjust the input level by moving the slider next to the microphone symbol.



As them to keep talking while you adjust the input level until it peaks at about -12. Once you have done that click the "Stop" button :



You don't need to keep that preview recording so select "Undo Record" from the "Edit" menu.



Now you are ready to make your proper recording. Click the "Record" button.



Now start the interview. Once you have completed the interview click the "Stop" button.

Your recording is now complete so save it immediately by selecting "Save Project" from the "File" menu.



That's it! Your interview is completed and saved. You can play it back by clicking the "Play" button.