Publishing checklist

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Once your video is online it will take on a life of it's own. Ensure that your video is on a site where you can put the information you want your audience to know - what the video is about, why it is important, who made it, how can they learn more and if it is calling for an action, what actions can they take. If your video will be seen elsewhere - embedded on another site or downloaded for offline distribution - make sure the essential information is still available in the video itself.

Information you need to include

  • Title: Give your video a clear, informative title (and subtitle if necessary). Attach a license and select a range of keywords that apply to it. This "metadata" is key to your video coming up in searches and being discovered.
  • Author: Use an individual or organisational name.
  • Date: Make sure people know what date the video was made.
  • Description: A succinct description which will help people to understand what they will be watching if they click to download or play. Syndication tools like RSS will only display the first few lines of your description, so write the text so that the first sentence can stand alone
  • Keywords: A well thought out selection of keywords will help people who are looking for material like yours find it.
  • License: assign a license to your work so people know how they may use it. See the Guide to Open Content Licensing for more on this.
  • Contact: Make sure that viewers can reach the video producer and distributor if they want to make contact.
  • Further information: Provide links to the producing organisation, also sources of further information.
  • Image: Select a 'thumbnail' image that will accopmany information about your video - this can be a still from the video or a graphic of the title
  • Additional Resources. This kind of 'information about information' is known as metadata. The network has developed a technical standard for this information - the process is documented here.