Create a simple animation

Make animated GIFs using GIMP. There are two methods described here; the first method is using image layers and the second uses an additional GIMP animation package called GAP.There are two basic steps to create an animated GIF:1 - create frames using your favourite drawing program - animate them using GIF animation softwareHere are few tips to bear in mind:

  • Remember to save your images in a GIF format (when saving your image, click on "save as" and chose gif). It's not a bad idea to add numbers to the names of your images, to reflect the order in which you intend to have them appear when animated.
  • All the images you want to use to create your animation must be of exactly the same size! The best way is to save your first image under different names/numbers as many times as you want and then make changes to each of them individually. That way you can easily preserve not only the same size but also make sure that other elements (such as background), that are supposed to stay still when animated, will behave accordingly.
  • Make your GIF images as small as possible. Remember that the browser will load one GIF after another and if the GIFs are huge it will process them very slowly and your animation wont look as good as it could.

When you have a few images it is time to animate them.