Media strategy matrix

The following matrix summarises the information that has been provided in the above sections and briefly lists the key elements that should be included in your strategy for making media.

State your goal

State what you ultimately want to achieve

Create a proposition statement

Develop a few clear, succinct sentences that state the problem and how to address it.

Have clear objectives

Develop SMART objectives.

Do research

Find out things you need to know.

Identify your target audience and participant communities

Know who is involved with the issue - both allied and opponents - to help define your target audience and participant communities.

Craft your message

Create simple, engaging, creative messages.

Make a call to action

Encourage people to take action.

Choose your media format, tactics & tools

Choose the right media format for your audience and then select the right tactics and tools to achieve your objectives.

Security and privacy

Take care of your own security in risky situations; protect the identity of people involved and respect their privacy. Secure the information you gather.

Create a timeline

Time your media campaign or project to ensure maximum impact.

Measure outcomes & impacts

Define the outcomes and impacts you want; develop indicators to monitor and measure your success.

Identify resources

List the resources you have and those you need; budget accordingly and find funding if needed.


Copyright your work under Open content licenses in a way that will support your messages to travel far and wide.