Video Blogging with Wordpress

Wordpress blogs do not only support text and audio but video as well.

It is possible to create a video podcast (unfortunately sometimes called a vodcast) with a account. You can do this in two different ways.

Compressing video with iSquint

Use iSquint to compress your video. If you are preparing a video to play it over the internet may need to make your video smaller, which is known as compressing and/or transcoding.

If you are using a Mac we recommend using a freeware tool called iSquint to compress it into a smaller size. We've chosen iSquint here as it is very easy to use for basic compression.

If you are an advanced user you might want to check out FFMpegX.

Create a simple animation

Make animated GIFs using GIMP. There are two methods described here; the first method is using image layers and the second uses an additional GIMP animation package called GAP.There are two basic steps to create an animated GIF:1 - create frames using your favourite drawing program - animate them using GIF animation softwareHere are few tips to bear in mind:

Blog anonymously

This guide to Anonymous Blogging was written by Global Voices.

Global Voices provides the following disclaimer;

Begin blogging

Set up a Wordpress blog. If you would like to set up your own website that can be regularly updated with new ideas and descriptions of events in a chronological order, it doesn't get much easier than using guide takes you through every step you need to follow to set up a blog using Wordpress and make simple modifications to the way it looks. Get blogging! This guide makes it easy!

Record & edit a 2 minute interview

Try out the skills and software you need to record a two minute interview with a minimum of equipment. This means doing an interview using just one microphone and a laptop.

You will need:

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