Message in-a-box testimonials

“We have used Message-in-a-Box as a resource for our citizen journalism work, and in amplifying women's voices. Combing tools and the tactics to use them, is a great way to put technology in context. Tools are only effective if they are matched with effective planning, good strategies and when they are matched with skills and resources - Message-in-a-Box delivers information on doing all this.” 

Sally-Jean Shackleton, Executive Director, Women's Net, South Africa

"With what I have read thus far, Message in-a -box is a fantastic tool to use as a trainer and an activist...We use Message in box in our ICT training for women and girls epscially in the rural areas because we believe it is very useful to them."
Oluwatoyin Ajao, Women's Technology Empowerment Centre, Nigeria

"Very inspiring and practical -- there are so many tools and softwares out there and it makes a real difference to have someone do the work of testing and recommending so that we can just take action without having to search for the best options or have doubts if we missed something." 
Helen Darbyshire, Access Info, Spain 

"We have used here in Uruguay some strategies I`ve read in the book while preparing a free software event called flisol in Montevideo. We organised a discussion about intelectual property, knowledge freedom and different kinds of menaces, oportunities and challenges brought by the new information tecnologies. We too showed different ways of cyber activism with examples taken from the book. It had a very good impact in the audience."
Anonymous, Uruguay

"I am Shibu working with an environmental organisation and I found this book very resourceful. Commentable effort in terms of exploring the scope of using technologies for powerful intervention for a social change."
Shibu K. Nair, Thanal, India

"I have begun using tools and tactics in online mobilising and direct actions. [Message in-a-box] is an extremely valuable resource for blogging, which I have also begun. The resources on videos and audios has been the most helpful, I have been able to produce two short campaign films using them."
Dharmesh Shah, International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, India

"I found the Message in-a-box tool kit helpful and extremely informative. The toolkit has been helpful in creating an SMS campaign strategy to reach remote areas and members with limited internet access."
Lora Sfein, CRIN, United States

"We have found Message-in-a-Box to be an excellent aid to us so far in our work with social techies. We intend using it frequently in the future and we recommended your website to others."
Jack Byrne, Near Media Co-op. Ireland

"I study in a high school in Lebanon and I'm an activist in IndyACT and I help them in many of their events. I' m sure [Message in-a-box] will be extremely useful for me when planning a campaign in the future."
Rana, IndyACT