Make Internet TV

Make Internet TV is a step-by-step guide for creating and publishing video on the internet. The site covers shooting, editing, licensing, compressing, uploading and promoting video on the internet; it illustrates these topics with screenshots, photos, screencasts, graphics, text and more.


Witness works with with people who defend human rights, training them to use video for documentation and to create change. The website hosts news about campaigns, invites involvement by means of support and volunteering and contains valuable training material and resources on using video for advocacy. Its sub-project The Hub showcases human rights videos and campaigns from around the world.


EngageMedia is a video sharing site distributing works about social justice and environmental issues in South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific. It's a space for you to upload and find critical documentary, fiction, artistic and experimental works.


Transmission is a network of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, researchers, programmers and internet producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy. Their objective is to make independent online video distribution possible (using FLOSS) by building the necessary tools, standards, documentation and social networks.

The Video Activist Network

The Video Activist Network (VAN) is an informal association of activists and politically conscious artists using video to support social, economic and environmental justice campaigns. The website is a collection of showcased videos, events like screenings, useful tutorials, how-to guides and other materials on video activism, including links to other video activism resources on the internet.

Floss Manuals

FLOSS Manuals is a site providing free manuals about free software. The manuals are intended to introduce you to software that you might find useful, software that is made available under licences that allow you to download and use them for free. Much of this software is extremely sophisticated but the basics are usually quite easy to grasp.

Streaming Suitcase

The Streaming Suitcase is a resource for those wanting to learn to stream. The material is all licensed under Creative Commons and is free to download and distribute. The manuals are all available online, and can be downloaded in PDF files, or in a print-friendly format. The manuals will also be updated periodically so check them for updates. You are also welcome to include the manuals page within a frameset in your own webpage.

Linux Multimedia Resources is a collection of links to various Linux resources available on the internet. The links are arranged under a long list of categories. The multimedia resource page has quite a comprehensive list of links to multimedia software projects. The site also has links to various other general Linux resources like tutorials and documentation.

Linux in Film

Linux in Film is a Wikibooks project that lists links to useful tools and resources for video production, from Storyboarding and Budgeting through to Authoring, for various media like the internet, VCD and DVD. It also has a lot of interesting links to professional filmmakers who use Linux for production, to other Linux multimedia resources and more.


dyne:bolic is a practical multimedia production tool for media activists, artists and creative people. It will help you manipulate and broadcast both sound & video and find tools to record, edit, encode and stream. Most devices and peripherals are automatically recognised: audio, video, TV, network cards, Firewire, USB and more; and all using only free software.