Video syndication

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Video Syndication is a great way to share and find content. Syndicating your videos will help you widely distribute your video, reliably reach your target audience, and present your videos in a quality manner. The key to syndication is having a media RSS feed, which is basically an always up-to date list of all of your latest videos. These feeds are also often referred to as video podcasts or vodcasts.

Viewers can subscribe to these feeds and automatically receive your new videos, as soon as they're published. Search engines and websites love RSS feeds, because they're in a standard computer language. The RSS feed allows your viewers to subscribe to your feed and immediately receive your latest videos as soon as you upload them — it's like TV over the internet.

The simplest way to get an RSS feed is to sign up to a site that produces RSS feeds for you or to start a video blog. See the commercial and non-profit video sharing sites chapters for more on this.

Some web TV shows have managed to use these technologies to reach massive audiences, shows like Rocketboom for example, daily receive hundreds of thousands of viewers.

RSS for Viewers
Individuals can subscribe to your RSS feed using an internet TV application, like Miro. When a user is subscribed to your feed, you know they're always getting the latest from your videos.

RSS for your websites
RSS is also important for getting your feed published in aggregation sites, guides and search engines. If you have described your videos well using keywords etc, people will be able to find it when searching for something on that subject. Furthermore, when other people publish video with RSS, you can subscribe to feeds of video selected by author or search term, and pull their videos into your website automatically see finding videos.

How do I get my RSS?
Many video publishing services have an RSS feed associated with your username - here is a tool for finding your RSS feed. If you're not using one of these services, you can check the FAQ for your video host.

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