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The WITNESS Hub is an online video community for human rights where you can upload, watch and share videos and take action to help end human rights abuses. WITNESS is a nonprofit that uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. It empowers people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change.

The Hub, which is in English, French and Spanish, allows you to upload human rights-related videos, images and audio files in a variety of formats. With each media item you upload, you can provide detailed context and link informational resources, events and actions that users can take to protect and promote human rights. Additionally, the Hub has a toolkit section that features video animations on how to incorporate video into your campaign work and best practices when filming and distributing your video.

Steps to Uploading Your Video to the Hub

Step 1: Login to the Hub or create an account

Step 2: Fill-in the upload form and attach or embed your video, image or audio file

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email once your media is on the Hub through your My Account page where you can manage your media.

Five Suggestions to Make Your Media Easily Findable
Through the Hub, you can classify your media by country, region and human rights issue, add detailed context to each media item and tag each media with keywords to help other Hub users find your media easily. The more context you provide, the easier your content will be to locate, and the better the quality of information on the site as a whole.

1. Provide a descriptive title. Example: "Rights On The Line: Immigration on the Mexico/US Border".
2. Provide detailed context to describe your media and what viewers can do to learn more. See this video for an example.
3. Provide links to informational resources, events and actions viewers can take to learn more and support your work.
4. Add tags to your media. For example: Mexico, USA, immigration, human rights, border, discrimination
5. Upload a thumbnail image that draws attention and interest to your video.

Feature Your Group or Organization's Videos and Work on the Hub
The WITNESS Hub has individual and group channels where you can feature your videos and calls to action in one place. See Amazon Watch's group page as an example or get started and set up a group page.

Additional Links

  • Find thousands of videos, groups and resources on the Hub Map
  • View the full list of Hub's RSS feeds
  • To learn more about what content is appropriate for the Hub, read it's Content Review Policy.
  • To see the wide variety of media formats you can upload, how to compress your files and how to embed your media from other sites, please see the Upload Guide.
  • To learn more about your safety and security online, and when filming, or to see tips on how you can remain anonymous for security reasons, read the How to Protect Your Safety and Security Guide
  • See WITNESS' Video for Change book, available in seven language

This page is taken partly from http://hub.witness.org/en/share/upload